When was the last time you reviewed your Online business?

10 June 2016
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When was the last time you reviewed your Online business?

When was the last time you really reviewed your online business?

It is so easy to ignore your own digital strategy as you're so busy working for your clients, but it's important to bear in mind this marketing channel is what your prospective and existing customers use to find out information about you.

Maybe you're thinking; "Where do I start? What questions do I need to ask? What can I do?"

Here are some pointers to consider, to help you review your digital presence....

Does your Home Page still deliver the correct message?

This can be the first page your existing and prospective customers see. Does it still have the correct message on the Home Page? Does the information still describe what you do? Does it appeal to your target audience? Are the images still correct or are they out of date?

Remember your Home Page is your shop window and needs to be regularly reviewed, ensure it contains the correct information and appeals to your audience.

What about the rest of the content in your website - is this uptodate?

How about the Services section in your site - is this still uptodate? What about your About us or Team page?  Do you have pictures of people that no longer work for your company?  Do you have an anniversary that you could shout about and promote your experience on your About Us page?

Your latest news/blog page, has this been updated recently?  There is nothing worse than seeing the latest news section with really old news.  If you don't have a News page then would it be a good idea to consider having one in the website so that you can talk about your latest news, etc

Ensure your website works across Mobile devices

This is so important in todays digital world. With so many UK online browsers using their mobile phones and tablets to search for information and view websites, your site is considered 'out of date' if it doesn't conform to the device you are viewing it on, so make sure your website is built in a responsive website design so that it works across all devices.

Also, Google will now rank a mobile friendly website higher than a non mobile friendly website in their mobile search results, so if its important for your site to rank in the Google search results then you need to ensure your site automatically understands and 'responds' to the device it is being viewed on. 

Recent Change in Google's ranking algorithm - SSL & HTTPs

Google has recently made some changes to their indexing algorithms whereby they now look at whether your website runs securely. If you've ever bought anything online, you may have noticed the padlock when you're viewing a site over SSL, so you know the connection is secure and the pages normally start with https://, instead of http://.

Google will now use SSL/HTTPs as part of their ranking algorithm, potentially ranking secure sites higher than ones that do not have SSL.  Don't be mistaken in thinking this is just for Ecommerce websites, Google has brought this in across the board, so even if you have a Brochure style site, they will still use SSL/HTTPs for ranking purposes.

We can organise the purchase and installation of your SSL Certificate and from an SEO perspective as Google is now ranking HTTPS sites higher its well worth having one installed.

Is your Website Optimised for Google?

When was the last time you looked at your Meta Tags? Are the Meta Titles and Descriptions still relevant? Do you have the correct H Tags? Are the pages in your site relevant to the Keywords you want to be found by?

If you haven't reviewed your website with SEO in mind then it might be worth reviewing it as you could be losing those all important Google rankings.

Are you using Social Media to engage with your customers?

Why should you consider using Social Media? What will it do for my business?

The different Social Media channels allow you to get the word out, build trust and promote conversation about your products and services to your existing and potential customers. Because of this Social Media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc are now seen as an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

A well run campaign can be a powerful tool to improve your reach, extend your name recognition, bring in new customers and build relationships and loyalty.

How fast is your site and more importantly can it run faster?

We can make your site load faster; meaning that not only will your customers enjoy a quicker browsing experience but you will also earn extra brownie points with Google as we know that page speed is a core part of their algorithm, which means it ranks 'faster' websites, higher.

As well as making your site run faster as part of the service we can also provide protection for your Website against the ever increasing online threats, ranging from annoyances like comment spam and excessive bot crawling to malicious attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks.

Summary - Key Points to review

In summary, here are some pointers that can be reviewed to ensure your online presence is performing well and is kept uptodate:-

When it comes to reviewing your online presence we are here to help you. Feel free to call us on 0845 6171717 or contact us and we can discuss your online review in greater detail and what is important to your online business.

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