It is important your website works across mobile devices

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Why is it important for your website to work across mobile devices?

How do you browse online?  Laptop, PC, smartphone, pad, mobile device?  Figures show increasing number of web users now use their mobile devices to browse and view websites.  According ComScore mobile now represents over 65% of digital media time. 

And with Google also seeing this increase in mobile search they have advised they will be moving to mobile first indexing, so with all the above in mind businesses cannot afford to ignore this platform.

In today's world it is so important that your website is optimised to work, not just for laptop or desktop, but for all devices.

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What happens if my website is not mobile friendly?

Because the screen on a mobile device is much smaller than a standard desktop computer screen, it will probably display the whole web site in a very small area. This means that the user will need to zoom in and out to adjust the content and fit the size of the screen they are using, which is not very userfriendly and often leads to the visitor exiting the site.

In some circumstances certain aspects of the desktop version website will not work on the mobile device at all.

Also Google have for sometime now, ranked mobile-friendly websites higher in their mobile search results, so it could also have an effect on your Google ranking.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design means that your website will have the technology to allow it to automatically respond and switch to accommodate the screen resolution it is being displayed on.

You don't have to worry about having different versions of your website for each different device, a responsive website takes care of it all automatically for you.

So as the visitor moves from their pc/laptop, to their iPad, to their smartphone, the responsive website will automatically optimise itself to the device a visitor is using to browse.

Not only can we design it so that the responsive version makes the buttons easier to press on a smartphone screen; but also a responsive design can make the text on the website larger and easier to read on smaller screens.

Other elements that you may wish to consider would be to hide elements of the site that would not be necessary on a mobile version or maybe present different information via the mobile device. You can change colours and graphics or highlight certain elements specifically for the smaller screen.

Do I need to update my existing website or redesign it?

In some circumstances we are able to retrofit an existing website design so that it works 'responsively'.

However if your existing website has been around for a while then its probably a good idea to redesign and create a responsive website from scratch. Your existing website may include some older technology and features.  New technology can help with your search engine rankings and if your site uses Flash, many mobile devices don't currently support it, meaning that customers won't be able to see all your content.

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