SEO - give your website a ranking boost with HTTPs

1 July 2016
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SEO - give your website a ranking boost with HTTPs

Google wants your website to run securely and it will rank it higher if it does!

Google now ranks 'secure pages HTTPs' over 'non-secure pages HTTP'. Google has said they would like to make the web a safer place for us to browse and have stated that "user security has always been a top priority...". With that in mind, Google has now adjusted their indexing system to look for HTTPs pages by default.</p>

So what does 'HTTPs' and 'run securely' mean?

Please bear with me in regards to the 'techie' jargon, however as Google now wants your website to run securely  that means your website needs to work via HTTPs and not HTTP. 

So 'how do we do that?' ....

The way to do that is to have your own SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate installed. This SSL certificate provides an encrypted link between the web server and the browser.  This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and secure and that's what Google is looking for.

It means from an SEO ranking perspective, as Google is now ranking HTTPs sites higher, its well worth having an SSL Certificate installed.

So how do I get my website to run securely via HTTPs?

Contact us - we will purchase the appropriate SSL Certificate for you, install it onto your server and make sure all the pages in your website runs securely. 

Further Reading should you wish :-

Contact us about making your Website run securely via HTTPs.

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