Is your Website 'Christmas' ready? Stand out from the crowd this Xmas

1 November 2016
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Is your Website 'Christmas' ready?  Stand out from the crowd this Xmas

Whether you're selling online or promoting your services, here at Net Digital Bristol we've been thinking about some great Xmas ideas to help you stand out this Christmas

Our Christmas elves are ready and waiting and can help you.....

Super charge your website

Make your website work faster and load faster; this means that not only will your customers enjoy a quicker browsing experience but you will also earn extra kudos with Google as we know that page speed is a core part of their algorithm with 'faster' websites being ranked higher.

Make your website run securely

With Google wanting all websites to run securely and with Chrome shortly following suit by telling browsers if a website is not secure, why not comply with the latest Google and Chrome initiatives and make your site run securely. The benefit of this is that Google is ranking 'secure' websites ahead of non-secure websites.

Ensure your website works across Mobile devices

In todays world, UK online browsers are using their mobile phones and tablets to search for information and view websites and Google will now rank a mobile friendly website higher than a non mobile friendly website, so it's really important that your site works across these devices.  Ensure your website has been built in a responsive design so that it works for all devices, no matter what size and also gain important brownie points with Google.

Tell your customers about your news and offers this Christmas time

Spread some festive cheer and send a beautiful Christmas email to your customers letting them know all about your news, offers, opening times etc this Xmas time. 

Why not run a competition or campaign and use 'social' to spread your news.  Social Media is now an important part of your digital marketing campaign, your Facebook page or Twitter campaign can help you interact with your existing and potential customers.

'Christmas-ise' your digital presence

Add some festive elements to your logo and/or have a Christmas banner on your website.

Increase your selling power and basket order values

Entice your customers to buy more from your ecommerce website with powerful add ons such as:-

Make it easier for your customers to buy from you

Some ideas to smooth the buying process might be Click and Collect integration, Gift Vouchers, Product Bundles etc.  Also add Product Reviews and let other customers do the selling for you.

Promote your services and products

With Google Shopping and Pay Per Click campaigns these are excellent ways of getting your products to the top of Google. If you have particular service or product you want to promote in the run up to Christmas these are both great ways of getting you to the top of Google.

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This is by no means an exhaustive Christmas list.  It doesn't matter whether you are promoting services or selling products, there are many more ideas to help you get your message out this Christmas. 

Call us today on 0845 6171717 or contact Net Digital Bristol  to discuss what you would like to do.

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